If you wanna reach your beach body you just have come to the right person, the personal trainer Poli is able to tailor-made everything for you from your dietary plan up to your trainingsplan, even though i am located in the UAE Poli and i have daily contact and he advises me on my progress and give me kudos he also gives you constructive feedback in case you don’t follow his instructions but hey you asked him for help not visa versa 🙂 I really have to say since i started to work with Poli i can see change in myself and my lifestyle, i am a professional Chef means i am surrounded by food almost 24/7 but Poli has helped me to even educate me more when it comes to food and how to eat all in one he helped me feeling better and seeing things differently life is a challenge in every way so its only up to me/you/us if we going to accept the challenge or just do what everyone else does seeking for excuses 🙂